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Cat Litter Full Pallet

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Cat Litter 67 Bags

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Premium Cat Litter in 15kg Bags

Full Pallet

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Cross Green Farm Cattery uses this cat litter, and has this to say about it: 

"It is a great quality product that has high levels of absorbency making it easier to clean out as well as being odourless. Most importantly it is biodegradable and therefore kinder to the environment which is a priority to our business."

Also used by the Bridgnorth and Broseley branches of Severn Edge Vets

Our premium cat litter is made from 100% natural virgin waste, which has no additives or artificial smells. This means they are healthier for your pet, yourself, and your home. As the pellets are only made from wood, they give off a pleasant fragrance, instead of a manufactured scent.  

The pellets are environmentally friendly as they are compostable & bio-degradable. This makes them safe to the environment, and gives the pellets a second life, as compost in your garden or potted plants.

The pellets are highly absorbent, they help soak up the cats’ urine, turning the pellets into a fine sawdust, for easy removal. The sawdust does not stick to the litter tray, so no damp patches are left, which you can get from clay-based cat litter.

The litter controls the ammonia odours, one of the main causes of litter tray smells, and keeps them to a minimum. This helps reduce the amount of times the litter will need to be changed, which also makes the litter cost effective.

There will be less tracking with this litter, as the wood pellets are quite large, it will be difficult for your cat to get litter stuck to their paws. If you have a particularly messy cat, the pellets are easy to scoop up, if kicked out of the tray.


All pallets of Cat Litter include free delivery within a 20 mile radius (£20 for 30 mile radius, £40 for all other UK mainland deliveries).


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Cat Litter 67 Bags