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Explore our range of kindling, Cracker Jack firelighters, natural firelighters and fire logs. Great for starting fires in log burners. Also, suitable as a fuel for campfires, barbeques, chimeneas and portable stoves.

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Our firelighters are the easiest way to get a fire going fast. They are a better alternative to using paper and sticks. Not all paper burns well and can produce a lot of smoke in the room. Whereas sticks can be wet, which can smother the fire and burn out fast. Mixing the firelighters with other fuels can produce a long-lasting fire and a good amount of heat. They can also be used alone as a fuel in smaller appliances.

The firelighters are well packaged and easy to handle. Clean, effective and easy to use. They burn straight away and get a fire going in no time at all. A small amount of firelighters will produce a glowing flame. They are friendly on the environment and odourless.

Our range of Bryant and May fire matches are perfect for lighting stoves, candles and other appliances. They light with ease and are very strong. Unlike some matches, the flame doesn’t disappear when struck.

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