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Seasoned Logs

All of our seasoned logs are sourced from UK woodlands and processed in the Heart of Shropshire. The trees are felled, then cut into smaller pieces which are left to dry for at least 18 months. This helps to reduce the moisture content.

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Instead of a forced drying process, the logs are naturally air dried and can be used on all wood burning stoves and open fires. As they produce a medium, slow burn, they are perfect for outdoor fires. These are ideal to take with you when you go camping.

The average moisture content is between 25%-40%, this is perfectly fine to burn on your appliances. However, we recommend that they are dried further, for about 2 weeks. They should be dried in a well ventilated and dry store. This gives the logs a longer time to reduce their moisture content, making them burn hotter and longer. With this in mind, it is best to buy your logs before you are in need of them. This will allow for the extra drying time.

Our seasoned logs are cut to lengths of 25cm, which is the standard log size, recommended by most stove manufacturers.

They feature a mixture of different hardwoods, which are better at burning than softwood. Even though the heat output is relatively the same, hardwood lasts longer. This means you will be feeding logs to your fire less.

Supplied in netted bags, barrow bags, or bulk bags.

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