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Heat Logs x 2

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Heat logs 2 Bags

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✓ Calorific Value: 5.2kwh/kg
✓ Very long lasting
✓ Eco-friendly
✓ Easy to light
✓ High heat output
✓ Convenient to store
✓ Clean to handle
✓ Less smoke than similar products on the market

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Light a Fire heat logs are a perfect fuel for all wood burning appliances. Packed in bags of 5 logs, each log will last up to 40% longer than a split log of the same weight. As a guide, we find that each log will burn on average for 1.5 hours.

Our premium quality heatlogs are UK sourced, and because they are made from waste wood shavings they are a carbon neutral and fully sustainable fuel. Each log is 9cm in diameter, 26cm in length and weighs 2kg.

The briquettes are formed when waste wood shavings are dried to less than 10% moisture and then compressed into dense logs. Nothing is added during this process, meaning a 100% natural product.

Logs should be kept dry and out of direct sunlight.

Also available as a half pallet (54 packs), and a full pallet (108 packs)

Price shown is collection in store only. For home delivery a £8.99 courier charge will apply.

Customer Testimonal by Rowena Hoseason

"These heat logs are an excellent alternative to wood. They burn for a long time and provide a lot of warmth, and leave behind very little ash.

We use this type of heat log in our log-burning stove to heat our living room during the winter. They can also be used in outdoor stoves and on BBQs. I've used many different sorts of heat logs over the years and these are probably my favourites, although you do need to know a few things to get the best from them. Heat logs are very dry compared to wood - logs in netting which are sold at petrol stations and garden centres are often damp and unseasoned, and can be very hard to get to light. Damp wood also doesn't give out much heat! So I've found that heat logs are a very good way to get a log-burning stove up to temperature, and work well when alternated with real wood.

We typically use just two of these heat logs each evening, and a couple of small wood logs plus kindling. That provides around three or four hours of burning. In very cold weather when we've kept the stove burning all day it has been more efficient, and we have only needed half a dozen heat logs for the whole day. So one 10kg bag can last a long time, especially if your stove has reasonably sensitive air controls (the speed of burn will very much depend on whether you can control the cold air flow). When we've left the fire in overnight, we've put one heat log on a very low airflow and it' been warm in the morning, which is ideal.

These logs can be quite hard to get burning, however; they need to be added to a fire which is already alight and has some warmth in it, or you'll need to use a fire-lighter of some sort to get the heat log to catch. Once the first one is lit then they stay in really well, but it takes a little experimentation to find out how to get them to burn.

They also expand *massively* as they burn, and can push up against glass-fronts if poorly positioned. We tend to break them in half and burn half at a time as our stove is quite small. I've previously used an old-fashioned multifuel range (like an AGA, which ran on coal) and I reckon these heat logs would have been brilliant in there. Wish we'd had them at the time!

Prices for these heat logs tend to go down if you buy in big bulk, but they are quite heavy and large so you'll need to have somewhere waterproof and roomy to store them. It is important not to let them get damp; they plastic packing is pretty tough, but if ripped then they'll absorb moisture from the air and become far less effective.

Overall, an excellent product. We ordered a pallet-load last year and are still using them. Will buy the same kind next time - highly recommended.



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Heat logs 2 Bags