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Heat Logs

Heat logs are becoming very popular as a fuel for wood-burning. They are cleaner, burn hotter and deliver more heat for the money. On average a heat log will burn for one and a half hours, lasting around 40% longer than a split log. Also referred to as briquettes, each heat log is only 9cm in diameter, 26cm in length and 2kg in weight.

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They are much easier to store and handle. The majority of logs for sale have much higher levels of moisture content. For example, well-seasoned logs contain around 20-30% moisture content, and other logs can have up to 50%. Whereas the moisture content in a heat log is less than 10% meaning that they burn better and cause fewer chimney problems.

Our heat logs are UK sourced and eco-friendly. They are a carbon neutral and fully sustainable fuel. The briquettes are manufactured using waste wood shavings and sawdust from furniture and other wood products. This is then compressed to form dense logs. Nothing is added during this process, ensuring an almost entirely natural product.

They give out very little smoke which means that you can sit comfortably around the fire without the smoke blowing in your eyes. Heat logs also produce a bright and glowing flame and are generally used as an alternative to standard wood logs. You need fewer logs to start a fire as the briquettes produce more heat. We recommend that you break the heat logs up into smaller pieces.

Woody heat logs are available bagged, as a half pallet consisting of 54 bags or as a full pallet consisting of 108 bags. Each bag contains 5 logs.

Please bear in mind that heat logs do expand after use and take care if burning heat logs on an open fire. Please store in a dry place.

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