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Kiln Dried Logs 1m³ Crate

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Kiln Dried Logs 1m³ Crate

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✓ Ready to burn
✓ Low moisture content
✓ Hardwood logs
✓ Calorific Value: 4.2kw/kg

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Customers are able to use our premium Kiln Dried Logs straightaway on all wood burning appliances. As they have been kiln dried, most of the water has been removed. This leaves on average, less than 20% moisture content. This ensures a long lasting product with maximum heat output.

Tidy Storage

This crate provides a neat and tidy way of storing logs. They will still need to be covered, so they are kept dry. The crate itself can be kept, for continuing to storing the logs, or can be broken down and used as kindling. 

Cost Effective

These kiln dried logs are cost effective due to the high heat output, less logs are needed to reach optimum temperature. Less energy is used to burn off the residual moisture. This means more energy is put into the heat output. This also allows you to relax in front of the fire, instead of constantly feeding the fire with more logs, to keep it alight.

Hotter Temperature

The hotter temperature that the logs burn at helps burn the left over moisture and sap from the log. This stops it from building up as tar in your wood burning appliance. A build-up of tar, overtime, can be very harmful to your stove. It could make it rust and unusable, and in extreme cases it can also cause a chimney fire. The hot temperature also makes the logs ideal for cooking, they would be perfect for a pizza oven. 


Our kiln dried logs are all hardwood, which are denser than softwood. This creates a longer burn, as the energy is released over a prolonged period of time. This also means less wood is used, even though the heat output is the same. Due to the density of the wood, you may require twice the amount of softwood to hardwood. Our logs are a mixture of Ash and Birch.

All of our logs are cut to lengths of 25cm, which is the standard length, recommended by most stove manufacturers. 

Customers can buy our Kiln Dried Logs in small 10kg bags, barrow bags, 1.2m³ bulk bag or 1m³ crates. Small bags are palletised to either 40 or 80 bags.

Delivery is free to local areas. Please read our delivery page for further details.

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Kiln Dried Logs 1m³ Crate