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kindling x 5 bags

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Kindling 5 Bags

✓ Premium kindling wood
✓ Perfect for starting a fire
✓ 3-4 kgs per bag
✓ 5 bags

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To start a successful fire, it needs to be slowly built up, it will never properly light if using big logs straightaway. Kindling is used to start a fire due to its small size, once this is lit, bigger logs will be easier to catch fire. Kindling can be used in log burners, or open fires.

Our kindling is made of hardwood, which differs from most kindling which is made of softwood. The hardwood provides an advantage over softwood, due to it staying lit for longer. This gives your fire a better chance to light, and stay alight.

Our kindling is also kiln dried, which gives it an extremely low moisture content. This means it will be easier to light. Just use 3-4 sticks of kindling, plus one of our natural firelighters, and you will have a perfect foundation to start a roaring fire.

Kindling increases fire safety, as there is no need to use any kerosene or gasoline when lighting your fire. Kindling is also friendlier to the environment, our kindling in particular are the offcuts of furniture. This is a sustainable source.

This kindling is cut to a uniform of 7 inches in length, which is a perfect size for fitting into your stove. It is also supplied in a neat, vented plastic bag, this makes little mess, compared to netted kindling. This also helps keep the kindling dry. The bag also features a handle, which makes it easier to carry between your log storage and stove or open fire.

Price shown is for 5 bags of kindling, each bag weighs between 4-5kgs 

Price shown is collection in store only. For home delivery a £8.99 courier charge will apply.

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Perfect Fire Starter Review by Charlie
Exactly what we needed to start our fire. (Posted on 21/04/2016)

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Kindling 5 Bags