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Lumpwood Charcoal x 2

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Lumpwood Charcoal x 2

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Reduced mess, low ash
2 x 5kg Bags

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Lumpwood is the result of burning wood in the absense of oxygen. This is charcoal's most natural form. This means that the pieces in the bags are not a consistant size, however this can be used to your advantage. By separating the smaller bits to the one side of your BBQ, and the bigger bits to the other, you can have two temperature zones on your BBQ.

Lumpwood lights faster and burns hotter than it's compressed briquette counterpart. Unlike compressed briquettes, lumpwood reponds well to oxygen, which means it is simple to control the temperature. If your BBQ or grill has air vents, you can use these to regulate the oxygen, allowing you to control the temperature. This makes cooking easier.

As the lumpwood is made just using wood, your food takes on a smoking flavour. Also, cleaning up after your BBQ is easy, as lumpwood produces very little ash.

The chunks can be rather big, so we suggest that lumpwood is used on medium to larger BBQs, and not small travel sized ones.

The price is for two 5kg bags of Lumpwood Charcoal.

Price shown is collection in store only. For home delivery a £8.99 courier charge will apply.

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Lumpwood Charcoal x 2