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Peat half pallet

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Peat Briquettes 42 Bales

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High calorific value fuel

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Snugafire peat briquettes are produced in Ireland and are made using 100% natural materials with no additives. They are manufactured in a sustainable manner, the current bogs, which are being used for production, will be rehabilitated once they reach their end of production life.

This traditional fuel is perfect for use on open fires and multi fuel stoves, creating a real roaring fire, with a pleasant aroma. Peat produces very little smoke, so nothing will obstruct your view of the beautiful flames. However, they have not been approved to use in a smoke controlled area.

The briquettes are quick and easy to light, this is because they have a low moisture content. The dryness of the peat, also means that they will not spit or spark, when lit. The 12.5kg bales break up effortlessly into 20 separate briquettes, which are clean to handle. This also makes it convenient when adding them to your multi-fuel appliance or open fire.

Peat produces a high heat output, so fewer briquettes are needed to reach an optimum temperature. The embers keep very warm, which makes it easier to rekindle a dying fire. They are also long lasting, which means less time refuelling the fire, and more time relaxing and enjoying it.

The bales are made by high compression, this removes most of the moisture, and binds it into a solid brick, which is consistent in quality. This helps to ensure that you will receive a high standard of product, each and every time you order. They are a flexible fuel, which is ideal to mix with other fuel with, like firewood.    

The peat is supplied in 12.5kg rectangular bales, which are easy to stack and store.

All pallets of our snugafire peat include free delivery within 20 mile radius (£20 for 30 mile radius, £40 for all other UK mainland deliveries).





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Peat Briquettes 42 Bales