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6mm Heating Wood Pellets bagged

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Wood Pellets 6mm

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Calorific Value: 4.6kwh/kg

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Wood pellets are slowly becoming the fuel of choice for a lot of households, and there are a lot of positive reasons as to why this is the case. The pellets are made from 100% natural virgin wood waste, which has been compressed into 6mm long pellets. The wood waste is held together naturally, the wood has not been contaminated with glue.

The pellets have an average moisture content of below 10%, very little of the energy produced is needed to evaporate any water. This allows for most of the energy produced to convert to heat output, to heat your room. This also means, less money will be spent on pellets to achieve the required heat needed.

This is the perfect fuel for the environmentally conscious. It is eco-friendly, and is very low in carbon. The wood in our pellets is UK sourced, is sustainable and renewable. There are little emissions, when burning the pellets, there is no vent clogging creosote. This greatly reduces the risk of fires.

As the fuel is renewable and sustainable, the price remains more stable compare to natural gas. This allows you to budget better for your future heating bills, it also helps saves you money as there is very rarely a price inflation. The pellets are easy to handle and clean to use. There is little ash after the pellets

These pellets can be used in pellet stoves and pizza ovens. They can also be used in chimeneas and standard stoves, however they will need to be put in a pellet cradle.

These pellets come in handy 15kg bags. 

Price shown is collection in store only. For home delivery a £8.99 courier charge will apply.

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Wood Pellets 6mm