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Firepit and chimenea fuel x 2

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Chimenea & Firepit Fuel 2 Packs

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✓ 2 pack, each bag is 10kg
✓ 100% natural wood waste
✓ Long lasting & provides lots of heat
✓ Made in the UK

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Our Chimenea and firepit fuel is made using 100% natural wood waste, making it environmentally friendly. The wood waste is compressed into a disc shape, making a dense circle. The compressing removes almost all of the moisture, this leaves very little water to burn. So, barely any energy is used to burn off the excess water, this is all put into burning the disc itself.

With the energy being used to burn the disc itself, and not to burn off excess moisture, this creates a high heat output. These discs are exactly the same as the heatlogs, but they are ready to use straight away. As the heatlogs give off such an intense heat, they need to be cut down first, however these discs have already gone through this process.

These discs are long lasting, so you are able to relax in your garden, instead of consistently refueling your firepit. They produce very little smoke, and do not cause sparks and spitting. This makes them safer to be near, so if you are hosting a party, your guests will not get injured by standing too close to your chimenea.

The chimenea and firepit fuel is clean and easy to handle, the flat shape of the disc makes them easy to manoeuvre when using tongs. They also produce little ash, so cleaning out your chimenea or firepit will be quick and easy.

They do not have to just be used in a chimenea or firepit, they can also be used in your stove. If you have a particularly cold summer evening, you can use these, just as you would regular logs.

These would also work perfectly in a pizza oven, due to the high heat output. 

Price is for two 10kg bags of chimenea and firepit fuel.

Price shown is collection in store only. For home delivery a £8.99 courier charge will apply.

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Chimenea & Firepit Fuel 2 Packs